A Call For Workers Compensation Insurance Reform

Posted by Allan CarvalhoOct 08, 20201 Comment

For the past few years injured workers are unfortunately getting less and less benefits and medical treatment, whereas the profits made by the insurance companies during the same period of time has experienced a dramatic increase. To be clear, I am not against insurance companies and the profit they make, rather they serve an important role in assisting injured workers and employers. However, when you see so many medical treatment being denied for no apparent reason and so may injured workers not getting the benefits they need , I think it all serves as a stunning example of the insurance companies putting personal profit ahead of what is best for the injured workers. Even though there is a dire need for insurance reforms, we will not shrink back from doing the very best for our injured workers. Even though sometimes the laws seem unfair, we will not give up on doing the best we can for our injured workers. At Lavrac Accident Law, we will fight for our injured workers medical treatment and for the best settlement possible. Our managing attorney, Mr. Allan Carvalho, has successfully litigated thousands of workers' compensation cases and won millions of dollars in benefits for the injured workers.