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As an injured worker, you have rights. We are a Christian Law Firm dedicated to serve, defend, plead, and fight for the rights of the injured. We will aggressively represent our clients to ensure they obtain the treatment they deserve, the right benefits, and the strongest compensation possible. We will never recommend settlement for the first offer because our clients always deserve the strongest compensation possible.

Our Mission

To aggressively represent our injured workers and help them obtain the medical treatment and benefits as provided by law and the best settlement.

Our Vision

At Lavrac Accident Law, we aim at providing comprehensive legal assistance to our injured workers from the inception of their claims to settlement.


How It Works

Initial Case Evaluation

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Once you call us at 1-877-244-6727 you will be scheduled with an experienced attorney for a free case evaluation either in person, by telephone, or via ZOOM

Inception Of The Case

We will fight for the benefits and treatment you are entitled to by law

Case Resolution

We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different options available for you to settle your claim, usually either with future medical care open for life or by way of a lump sum settlement


  • A. Herrera Recommends Allan Carvalho

    "Es muy bueno encontrar un abogado muy profesional , honesto , que se interese en el bienestar de sus clientes , con consejos , sujetencias y contestando todas sus preguntas y guiándolo paso a paso para resolver su caso de una manera profesional , segura, y en el tiempo corto posible. (Translated... Read On

  • C. Zazueta Recommends Allan Carvalho

    "El abogado Alan es buen abogado y muy atento. Te guía durante todo el proceso. siempre te aclara cuales son tus opciones y pelea por ellas. si necesitas un abogado Alan es una buenísima opción ,siempre orando a Dios por todo bendiciones (Translated by Google) Attorney Alan is a good attorney and... Read On

  • R. Oliveira Recommends Allan Carvalho

    "LAVRAC ACCIDENT LAW, sem sombras de dúvidas foi a melhor ACESSÓRIA que pude ter em analisar e conduzir meu caso de acidente de trabalho. Em tempo recorde, Advogado Allan Carvalho e sua equipe, criaram estratégia de defesa onde tive êxito em receber o valor pleiteado. Fui indicado por uma amiga, ... Read On


Lavrac Accident Law

Managing Attorney

Allan Carvalho

Attorney At Law

It does not matter what you were told by your employer or their claims adjuster. Even if your claim is denied. At Lavrac Accident Law, we are result driven. We will aggressively represent you and fight for the best results and a fair compensation

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