Did You Sustain A Work Related Injury? Dont Let Your Immigration Status Prevent You From Pursuing The Benefits You Are Entitled To Under The Law

Posted by Allan CarvalhoNov 20, 20200 Comments

Immigration Status

If you're injured on the job, you may qualify to obtain medical treatment and benefits irrespective of your personal immigration status.

Typical Workers' Compensation Benefits Available to Injured Workers

Temporary Disability Benefits

These payments are made if you lose wages due to a work-related injury that prevents you from doing your usual job while recovering. Usually, the employee will receive two-thirds of their gross income while they are deemed temporarily disabled. Payments will end when you return to work, the physician releases you back to work, or when you are deemed permanent and stationary by your physician.

Medical Care Cost

This is paid for by your employer to help you recover from an injury or illness caused by work. This includes payment or reimbursement for all your doctor visits and any expense for medical supplies or services needed to recover from your injury.

Permanent Disability Benefits

If your treating doctor, or a panel doctor, indicates that you didn't completely recover from your work-related injury, even if you go back to work, you may be entitled to Permanent Disability benefits.

Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits

As an injured worker, if you are permanently unable to do your usual job and if your employer does not offer you other work, you may qualify for a Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit, a voucher, in the amount of $6,000.