You Should Report Your Work Related Injury As Soon As You Can

Posted by Allan CarvalhoDec 04, 20200 Comments

If you believe you sustain a work-related injury, you should inform your supervisor or boss immediately. However, if the injury you sustain developed over a period of time, due to repetitive stress or repetitive work, you should report it as soon as you learn or believe that said injury was work-related.

To prevent any misunderstanding about whether or not your injury was reported in a timely manner, and also to protect your right to receive any benefit that may apply to your case, you should consider giving a written notice to your employer describing how the injury occurred. This should be done even if you already have verbally reported the injury. If you are a member of a union, you should contact the union representative if there is one. 

Next, you may need to complete an accident report, if one is required by your employer. If your employer provides you with an accident report that was prepared by a supervisor, or a manager, be sure to request a copy of it and review it carefully for accuracy. If you find any discrepancy in the report, notify your employer of the inconsistency – preferably in writing – explaining your position as best as you can.

Workers' compensation benefits are designed to provide the injured workers with the medical treatment needed, as provided by law, in order to aid injured workers in their recovery from the work-related injury or illness. Additionally, injured workers may be entitled to disability benefits, which is designed to partially replace wages that are lost during the recovery process. Finally, injured workers may be entitled to a settlement, a supplemental job displacement benefit, and a check for $5,000 under the return to work supplement program. To find out more about these and other benefits, please contact an attorney or give us a call for a confidential free consultation.